Art Haven

Art Haven Artists’ Initiative

The group first came together in 1999, with the common aim of seeking exhibition space in Exeter. Funding from Exeter City Council in that and the following year, enabled us to run a series of shows, with related events through the summer months, attracting a total of nearly 30,000 visitors. This took place at 60 Haven Road, Exeter Basin, and the group took its name from that venue.
The exhibitions were well received, the emphasis being on approachability and an enthusiastic interaction with visitors. This has become a hallmark of Art Haven shows.
The group went on to exhibit at, among other venues, at Exeter Phoenix, Gallery 86 in Crediton, and again on the Quay, (Unit 3, Maclaine’s Warehouse) In 2009.
From 2004 to this day, Art Haven has maintained an Arts and Business relationship with Haines Watts Chartered Accountants in Southernhay, Exeter. We provide a rolling programme of wallworks for their offices, which changes every quarter.
Art Haven began with twelve members, and, although individuals have come and gone, the core group remains, and at present it comprises nine professional artists, representing the various disciplines of painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, and photography.
The aim of the group is to present a high standard of new work for public appraisal, and to engage with the public in a meaningful way.